To God Be The Glory is a radio broadcast on 800AM WTMR (Where the Master Reigns). It is a radio ministry hosted by Anthony Mixson who goes by “Mixson in the Afternoon”.

Anthony Mixson’s walk with the LORD began in 1990. He was a DJ in the world, but now, being saved, he uses his gifts for the glory of God. He attended Beaulah Baptist Church at 50th & Spruce St. in Philadelphia, where he began doing the intro for the Pastor’s sermons. While in the new members bible class, Mixson was approached by a man who, liking Mixson’s voice quality, told him that he could get him a job in radio. Which he did, and ‘Mixson in the Afternoon’ was birthed.

In 2008, the first ‘To God Be The Glory’ broadcast was aired. It is a lighthearted, spiritual broadcast designed to inspire the listeners and thereby encourage them to have a relationship with Christ. It was a 25 minute program on 690AM. In 2010, the program moved to its current home, WTMR 800AM, and extended its time to a full hour. Today, it is a 2-hour program that runs every Saturday afternoon from 4:30 – 6:30pm from the WTMR studio in Camden, New Jersey. Mixson credits the team that he has built around the program to its success.

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